Palm Tree, Palm Tree, Palm Tree

I know this is a little long but I wanted to share it.  I remember seeing this for the first time on TV and being so moved by this scene.  I stumbled onto this on youtube again, and it blew me away.  I think it’s even more relevant now.  

All you need to know before watching is that they are in the middle of the campaign for President Bartlet’s second term.  Earlier in the episode Toby lost a bet to Josh and now every time Toby introduces himself, he has to say “I work at the White House.”

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  2. receiver said: I say this all the time, since having first seen this episode. Life is supposed to be hard, just not too hard. Thanks. I’m not back at this one yet! I just started Season 3. :-)
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    wow this really is timely from the West Wing
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    Watch the fuck out of this of the day.
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    For Linds…
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