Palm Tree, Palm Tree, Palm Tree

Went to the Angels/Dodgers Freeway Series game today with the firm.

Definitely not the best seats I’ve ever had.  You’re basically squinting into the sun all day, while being roasted by it.  Not awesome.

Best shirt seen: Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles

Best sign seen:  I liked Salmon, but I love Trout.

It was a good win for the Dodgers.  I like both the Angels and the Dodgers. But when push comes to shove, my heart bleeds Dodger Blue.

  1. sallydoodle said: Awesome shirt & sign!
  2. morebaffledlessbrooklyn said: That Dodgers shirt is amazing. I hope you punched whoever was wearing it in the face and ripped it right off their back.
  3. myturtlespeedy said: "I like both the Angels and the Dodgers." just… so.. so much wrongness.
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