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I Just - I Can’t - Why Would You Do That!?

Dear Long-time Friend Who is Now Married,

Stop putting me on the phone with your wife without asking me first!  

We are not magically going to form a friendship just because you keep forcing us to talk to each other on the phone. 

I like her fine, but I have nothing to say to her.  Just put the phone on speaker and let me shout hello to her like a normal person!


YOUR Friend, but Not Your Wife’s Friend,


  1. aliceadair said: Along with this, I also hate when male friends recap our conversation to their wife while we’re still on the phone… as if this full disclosure will somehow keep the awkward away.
  2. ladyofthehouse said: ugh. I know exactly who this friend is, I bet. Ugh. that’s rotten.
  3. shovelbum said: dude, that is weird.
  4. helms-deep said: I’m married…and I’ve always hated that. Ugh. Sorry.
  5. myturtlespeedy said: I’ve had 2 conversations with my long time friends wife of 5 years. I’m ok with that.
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