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Food Conundrum

If I don’t plan out my meals, I often get stuck in this no-man’s land of indecisiveness.

I’m hungry, there’s nothing I really want to eat in walking distance, and I have four hours until my next class, so I could walk to my car, but that would require me to leave the library, and I’m comfortable here, and I’m totally freaking out this 1L by picking the only seat across from him even though every other table is empty (he’s sitting at my table) and if I leave that stops, and also I really need to do work and will be more productive if I at least stay near the library rather than leaving to go somewhere else in my car…

Ugh.  I hate myself sometimes.

  1. jennhoney said: you really need an intern or a squire, either to feed you or to hold your seat, haha your seat, while you hunt for food. <3
  2. ladyofthehouse said: We’re making cheesy egg pies over here. Y’know, just to add to your case of the haaaangry.
  3. womaninterrupted said: I do that at home steps from the fridge. I can understand.
  4. receiver said: Pizza delivery. Don’t share with the 1L. Smack your lips. Alot.
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